Hambleton Primary School seeks to provide an all round education for children in a bright, stimulating and fun atmosphere. We have the highest expectations of pupil attainment, teacher performance and parental involvement and we encourage everyone to strive for excellence, in order to achieve potential. We seek challenge and embrace change in order to improve.

Welcome to Hambleton Primary Academy.

We seek curriculum themes, which will excite, inspire and motivate learning at all ages. The children are very involved in shaping both the creation and development of themes and we encourage responsibility and independence from a very early age. Whilst we have defined our curriculum “drivers” as environment, teamwork and resilience, diversity and community. The progression of Maths and English skills across the curriculum are viewed as vitally important and these are developed at all times. All children are exposed to creative, sporting and cultural opportunities, along with a rich diet of extra-curricular activities and class visits. We know our children inside out, and use this knowledge to motivate, encourage and care for them throughout their time at our school.

Pupil attainment is consistently and outstandingly high at the end of both Key Stages and children are tracked throughout their time at our school, to maximise potential and eliminate any under-achievement. Care has been taken to recruit the highest quality staff, as there really is no substitute for excellent teaching!

Our Academy has a strong sense of family, borne of the many themed fun days and weeks shared by the whole Academy, and also because of the close relationships we have with our children’s parents. We have an “open-door” policy and many parents help in our school on a regular basis. I cannot over-state the value, which we place on warm and regular contact with our parents, both for the education and care of individual children, and for our school as a whole.

Most children start in our Nursery aged 3 years and leave aged 11, we have very little transience. Our aim is that they are prepared for the next stage of their educational journey, not just academically, but morally, spiritually and physically and that they have enjoyed every minute of their primary schooling. When they leave, they go with our love and blessings.

Hambleton Primary School academised in January 2011 following an outstanding OFSTED Inspection. Our school has been one of the top performing schools in the country for the last 10 years and we are determined that this should continue to be the case in order to give our children the very best start in life that we possibly can. Hambleton Primary Academy was graded outstanding once again in June 2013 and is a strategic partner of the North West SCITT.  

We are very proud of our “outstanding” Academy and our collective achievements and we hope that your child will be very happy here.

Mrs H Wood